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Smart Boat Solutions – Make Your Fiberglass Boat Look Great Again

If the Gelcoat on your boat is well-maintained it makes your vessel look like a smart boat. You can keep your vessel looking great for a long time with proper maintenance and cleaning. It is also important to use the right kind of cleaning tools, techniques and solutions.

Sometimes the Gelcoat finish on your fiberglass boat will look dull. This means your vessel just needs some cleaning and waxing. Use marine products like marine detergent, compounds and marine grade wax for fiberglass boats. Cleaning your boat after every use will wash out contaminants like salt water.

Waxing it after you clean it will protect your Gelcoat from being penetrated with grime, soot and lime scale. You should clean your boat after using it, especially if you took your vessel out into the ocean. Sea water leaves oxidization stains on your hull.

You should also clean your boat at the beginning of boating season. Leaving your vessel at the dock will let it accumulate dust, dirt and soot (pollution) from the air. This is so, even if you left your boat covered for months. It would be best to protect your boat’s surface with wax before leaving it docked for a long time.

Professional boat valeting companies apply a compound to condition the Gelcoat on fiberglass boats. This compound will form a barrier between the water and the microscopic pores of the Gelcoat. The compound will also let the wax do a better job at making your vessel’s surface shinny and look like a smart boat.

After rubbing in the compound on your fiberglass surface, rinse it off if the instructions on the label say so. So compounds don’t have to be rinsed off. Dry the surface completely before applying a layer of marine grade wax.

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Once the wax turns white, you can proceed to buff it manually or with an electric power buffer. You can get a wider area covered in a short time with an electric buffer. You also won’t tire yourself too much. Electric buffers can produce a shinier appearance to your fiberglass surface.

If you plan to leave your boat for sometime at the dock, you should cover it till you need to take the boat out. The cover will protect exposed areas of your boat. The cover will also keep your interiors cleaner. Sunlight also makes your furnishings inside the boat fade. A cover can also keep your leather or vinyl seats from fading from the effects of UV rays.

If you don’t want to manually apply the compound and wax, or clean your entire boat, you should consider hiring a professional boat valeting service. Professionals can make your vessel look like a smart boat in no time.

Make your vessel look like a smart boat, visit to find boat valeting services in the Shannon, Westmeath, Roscommon, Offaly area, and the rest of the Midlands of Ireland.

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